Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post-30 Post

Some of my friends are in far away countries. Some are in different states. Some have jobs. Some have mysterious income sources. Some are musicians not playing gigs. Some are musicians playing jive ass gigs. Some are musicians making good music. Some are poets not writing books. Some are poets writing jive ass blog posts. Some are poets writing good books. I don't have any friends in fiction. All my friends are in fact friends, unless you count the ones who I just kind of know, and I don't know what they say about me behind my back. I don't want to know what my actual or former friends say about me behind my back.

Some of my friends have babies. Some of my friends are expecting to have babies. Some of my friends' wives or husbands or others' are expecting to have babies only to find out their counterpart is not. Some of the babies are expecting to be picked up and held when they cry. Some of my friends have dogs. I ignore the fact that some of my friends have cats (and I don't visit them).

Some of my friends rent in the area. Some of my friends move away because of the rent. Some of my friends have bought houses during the bust. Some are still looking for a busted house to buy. Some of my friends are embarking on careers. Some are in the middle of switching jobs for the nth time. Some of my friends are doing what they set out to do. Some don't remember what that was. Some of my friends take the drugs they took in college when they get together with their college friends. Some hang out until 9pm and then slink off to go to bed. Some of my friends lead enviable lives from the outside. Some of them lead lives that are impenetrable. Some of my friends lead lives that seem unsustainable for years and now decades. Thankfully, none of my friends has died.

Some summers I would curse my blue collar fate for the want of all the laziness and carousing I was missing, but I can't really trade in what I have now because some days past I hung out with some group of people and we all became each other at different times and here we are as the trace of whatever wasn't transient about those forms.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. This equalized what I was tripping about today.